Ransac ft Lauren Ashleigh

Not enough of you - Ransac ft Lauren Ashleigh
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Lauren Ashleigh - Touch Me (Final Cutt Collective Remix)



Ransac started writing songs together in 2014. 

Tony(Bernie) Skidmore is the lyricist, Phil (Carlos) Whelan composes ,plays & under produces the music.We record everything in record time at Lee Beddow's Abbey Sound Studio.Lee also adds drums and keyboards.We go to great lengths to find the best voice for each track.We don't know where the songs come from, we don't ask , we just play 'em.

Set me free - Ransac ft Lauren Ashleigh
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New Blade Short listed for Norway Eurovison

New Blade - Ransac ft Lauren Ashleigh
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Red Blooded Woman - Ransac ( Blues Track)
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Lauren Ashleigh - Shine Bright




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