Whilst anyone can put out an mp3 download ,noboody knows its there or where it is.Releasing your track on a prs registered label also increases your chances of airplay.As we can for some acts ,also add integrated  worldwide chart registration, which includes Billboard (USA)..So all your sales, on all the main interenet stores,count towards all the charts in different countries they are downloaded.You can also ask for a statement showing  the types and amounts of downloads and the total sales and streams.Bear in mind some sites can take two months or more to return sales espc if outside the uk.Some deduct a small % for storage of your tracks,some deduct %8 for prs,if you are in PRS you can off course claim this back as we do not touch any of your rights,we do not touch the copyright or publishing .If however we obtain a publishing deal as a result of being signed with us the appropriate % can be agreed .


you choose the release date if you wish,or we can do a soft release,ie we give you the links as soon as they are live.The tracks unlike with a record company,will stay up as long as you wish.we dont take them down if you don't sell, we understand that you may not be touring or promoting straight away.a track may start to sell at any time or at a later point if you suddenly start getting press or radio interst or promotion from gigging.

All we need is a high quality mp3 (at least 320bit,when you copy it if on windows,etc copy at the highest bit rate ie,320  with a high res pic..the sites espc.itunes,will not load the music on the label,without this.at least 3000x3000 pixel Square please.Together with any credits or artist name/titles etc and an email confirming the track is your own recording,or you have permission to release the recording.That you own the recording and it does not contain any uncleared samples.

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